Casement Windows

Casement Window: A Smooth, Innovative Swing-Out

This American style redesign of a European classic provides ease of operation with a crank handle at the base and a Tandem Sash Lock for smooth locking functionality. All our doors and windows are made in America with pride-but what makes this traditional casement window specifically “ American ” ? The redesign of a European classic that provides ease of operation with a crank handle at the base and a tandem sash lock for smooth locking Functionality. European Style with American Ingenuity!

European Casement Windows: Classic, Elegant, Durable

With the more traditional elegance of European casement windows, you choose: Open in – a true French casement, or Open Out, a twist on the classic design. Either way, you get multi-point locking on this sophisticated window. Artistic has a wide variety of customizable features like a full perimeter multipoint locking with an overlap sash design or a multipoint locking with a classic flush sash design. Each feature offers a classic design with superb form and function. This traditional, elegant, European casement window can be designed to open in (a true French Casement) or open out (a twist on the classic design)

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