Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-Rated Doors: 20 Min, 60 Min, Or 90 Min, These Doors Are A Surefire Solution To Safety

Artistic Doors & Windows is the only company that offers flexible options for fire-rated doors from combination wood and glass to all-glass doors to meet all fenestration needs. We’ve incorporated fire rated door technology with our extensive experience in custom door and frame manufacturing.
Unlike most suppliers of fire rated assemblies, our professional team has undergone extensive research, development, and certification in fire rated doors. We actually manufacture “true stile and rail,” fire rated doors and jambs according to our own patented designs.
Our specs exceed all other manufacturers. With our one half inch (1/2”) thick panel, rated for ninety minutes, we can produce doors in any style that are delicate and refined. No more thick, clunky, fire doors. All of our fire-rated door products are tested to positive pressure standards and are available with mortise locks and extension flush bolts.

Combine this with any glass/panel configuration, or full light/French doors, and you get the largest variety of designs possible in today’s industry.

CSI Specs

Category Specs

In this test, an Artistic fire-rated door is tested for both withstanding 90 minutes of fire load and water pressure from a large bore fire hose. The occupants in the room are fully protected from the flames.

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